Thursday, August 29, 2013

GK Questions - Common Abbreviations



All meanings of LOL----

Laughing Out Loud
Laugh Out Loud
little old lady
laughs out loud
lots of luck
Land O'Lakes
loss of life
lots of love
Laught Out Loud
Loyal Orange Lodge
Lack Of Love
Land Of Legends
Lauging out loud
Length of Lead
Lord Of Life
Lots Of Laughs
Love of Life
Lugaw Okra Luglog
IATA code for Derby Field, Lovelock, Nevada, United States
Labels Or Love
Labor Of Love
Lacking Of Life
Lady Of the Lake
Lame Old Loser
Land Of Lincoln
Lands Of Lore
Language Of Love
Large Obese Lobster
Later On, Love
Laughing out loud or lots of love
Laughing out Loudly
Laws Of Life
Learn Online
left occipitolateral position
Leg Of Lamb
Legend Of Legaia
Legion of Light
Legion Of Lucifer
Legion Of the Lost


All meanings of OMG

Object Management Group
Object Management Group's
Oh My God
oh my gosh
Operational Maneuver Group
Oh My Goodness
Open Management Group
O My God
Object Management Groups
Ocean Mapping Group
ocular myasthenia gravis
Oesterreichische Mathematische Gesellschaft
Oesterreichische Mineralogische Gesellschaft
Office of Marine Geology
Oh My G-d
Old MaGazine
Old Magazine Grade
oligodendrocyte-myelin glycoprotein
OM Group, Inc.
Omega Systems, Inc.
Omega Systems, Incorporated
Online Marketing Group
Operational Manoeuvre Group
Otologic Medical Group
Outlaw Motorcycle Gang
Outlaws Motorcycle Gang
Observatoire de la Médecine Générale
Oh My Ghost
Oh My Gravy
Oh My Gulay
Organismo Modificado Genéticamente

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